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New Real Estate web site Designing and Development offers one stop affordable and dedicated real estate website designing and development solution with 1 year full support. The real estate agencies can now own a great looking and featureful website where they can mange estate entries. offer 2 different kinds solution in Real Estate Web Development.

1. You as a Real Estate Agent:

  • Create thousands of listings! - Showcase your listings to your web visitors, let your buyers come to you!
  • Advanced Search Engine - Let visitors search by price range, bedrooms, bathrooms, MLS#, and much more.
  • Create hundreds of users and assign them different user-access levels.
  • Extremely Customizable - Customize the HTML templates to match your website's exact look and feel. The templates are written in HTML so modifying them is very straightforward.
  • 75 Listing Fields - Change the name and data type of any existing field and create an entirely new additional custom field up to a total of 75 listing fields (such as fenced yard, listing summary, swimming pool, or anything else).
  • Upload as many as 10 photos for each listing.
  • Link your listings to 3rd party mapping software, like Yahoo Maps™ or Google Maps™
  • Allows individual users (real estate agents) to maintain their individual listings on a website.
  • Work from home or your office - Admin/publishing interface is web browser-based, so it can be accessed from anywhere.
  • Easy to use - Individual users can add new listings without any HTML/FTP knowledge.
  • Add new listings, modify existing listings or delete a listing.
  • And tons of additional features!
  • Starts at a low price of $399

2. You as a Real Estate Business owner

  • Supports unlimited number of realtors and listings, the script is fast enough to store thousands of listings on any public virtual hosting;
  • Users have possibility to search for the real estate listings and realtors using simple interface or advanced search form which includes almost all the database fields which makes the search more sensitive and allows different sorting methods and options;
  • Zip Code Radius Search supported, US zip codes database included (about 80k records);
  • Sell / Rent / Buy property types supported (editable);
  • Favorite listings;
  • Listing Alerts;
  • Listings / Agents Search Results Sorting Options;
  • New Agents Account Email Verification;
  • Multiple locations simple search on the home page;
  • Agents PayPal/2checkout Featured Packages;
  • Listings PayPal/2checkout Featured Packages;
  • Includes simple navigation system which is based on the Search Cache (tm) system which remembers the last realtors or listings search;
  • A multi-language and multi-template system, this means you can have an unlimited number of languages and templates for the users to choose from;
  • There's a possibility to store realtor photo or main listing photo (GD2, JPEG) which appears in the search results, supports automatic image resizing;
  • Slide Show mode supported for Photo Gallery images;
  • Banner Ads uploading supported for listings (free or fretured only, admin setting);
  • Supports featured listings which are controlled via the administrator panel. This feature require a period in days to run the featured compaign. This allows the administrator to collect the payments for the listings the way he/she likes (online, offline) and just set the compaign period in the administrator panel after receiving the money, the expired listings are downgraded automatically;
  • The 'Featured Listings', 'Most Visited Listings' and 'Recent Listings' modules can be displayed on the home page. These modules can be easily changed to show listings according to the different requirements, like 'Updated Listings' etc;
  • Visitors can send the realtor an inquiry using simple web messaging system. Realtor's e-mail remains hidden;
  • The 'Contacts' link in the menu shows all the realtors registered in the system;
  • Mail to a friend;
  • 'Agents Online' module added (show logged in agents);
  • Google maps api version 2 supported;
  • Yahoo driving directions supported;
  • RSS/XML Feed for recent agents and listings;
  • Print Listing link;
  • PDF link;
  • Mortgage Calculator;
  • Simple CMS in Administrator to edit additional pages like About Us etc;
  • Security Code for the agent submission form, and all the mailers;
  • Compare Listings feature;
  • Contact Administrator Form;
  • Sitemap & Google base feed;
  • There's a possibility to rate the realtors;
  • The number of visitors is counted for each realtor and listing;
  • UTF-8 support and all the required translating functions;
  • Tons of other features included! Please, see the demo.
Realtor Control Panel.
  • Realtors can submit their contact information and list properties for free;
  • Agents can pay the administrator using any preferred method for their listings to become featured;
  • Includes an easy to use Control Panel for the realtors to list/edit their properties;
  • Users can upload images and photos for the realtor listing and the property listing;
  • An unlimited number of photos with descriptions can be uploaded into the Photo Gallery section for each property listing;
  • Slide Show mode supported for Photo Gallery images;
  • There's a possibility to hide propery address;
  • Ability to remove listings via agent control panel;
  • List MLS number, Listing Title, Complete Address, Property Type, Style, Description, Lot Size, Size, Number of Bathrooms, Half Bathrooms, Bedrooms, Price, Directions, Year Built, Agent Commision, Taxes, Additional Out Buildings, Appliances Included, Featured, Garage Type, Garage Cars, Basement Type;
  • Realtor listing contains realtor photo, name, description, address and contact phone numbers;
  • System have built-in password reminder which allows you to get new password via email by submitting the email address you used during registration process.
Administrative Section.
  • Complete realtors / listings management;
  • Administrator can control all submissions and updates (optional);
  • There is a possibility to add an unlimited number of administrators with different privileges;
  • Web Based Configuration Panel included to change the system settings easily;
  • Administrator can ban emails not to allow users to submit records if they specify the email from the bans list;
  • Simple CMS to edit additional pages like About Us etc;
  • Database backup supported;
Photo Gallery.
  • Each listing may have an unlimited number of images uploaded into the Photo Gallery;
  • Photo Gallery Bulk Photos Upload tool included;
  • Supports automatic image resizing (GD2, JPEG only);
  • Images are uploaded right to the host using simple web interface;
  • Each image may have title and description;
  • Editable through the user interface and administrator panel.
  • Based on the template system which allows the website owner to change the templates easily, upload new ones and change the templates for the search results and detailed information for realtors and listings;
  • GZip compressions supported;
  • mod_rewrite support included for better SEO;
  • Possibility to change all meta tags via the Web Based Configuration Panel.
Low Price: Starts at $699
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