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Mobile Application Development

In today's highly-connected world businesses have opportunities beyond the computer screen to develop lasting relationships with customers. has become one of the leading providers of interactive experiences for digital channels outside of the PC. From the development of award-winning mobile phone interfaces and video-on-demand players to the creation of WAP web sites, our mobile services team focuses on bringing dynamic, user-centric design to diverse digital formats.

Some of the services we provide include:

Information and User Interface Architecture
a smart information and user interface architecture is key to delivering an efficient and intuitive user experience on any platform. We conduct regular usability tests of mobile handsets and wireless services, including focus groups, task analyses, group discussions and surveys. The insight we gain from usability testing provides a strong base for developing optimal information architecture and user interface solutions for digital devices.

Graphical User Interface Design
Great graphical user interface design is a combination of creativity and functionality - not just a collection of eye-catching images on a screen. Before we start the design process, we look carefully at the format we're designing for and the way consumers might be using it. We then create design elements that are both intuitive and graphically-appealing.

Documentation and Guidelines
In addition to designing the architecture and interface,'s mobile services team also develops usability and content provider documentation to help clients and their partners understand how to best maximize and enhance the new design. Our team continues to update the documentation as new version and system upgrades occur.

Multiple Platform and Standards Expertise
Working for global clients means we require a broad knowledge base of standards and platforms as well as design. has worked with a number of leading mobile phone manufacturers and telecommunications companies across USA and Europe, creating user experiences that are practical, relevant and engaging for consumers across multiple countries.

Our platform and standards expertise includes CDMA, GSM, MP3, UMTS, WAP web sites and WIPI. With application developmenting for Android, Symbian, Windows CE and Palm.