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Interactive Advertising

Advertising banner creation

These days we don’t see ad banners, we see interactivity, and we see visitors not clicking on the ads but interacting with them. Simple ad banners are a lot different from new rich media ad banners. Today, banners not just convey a message but interact with customers. For example: The famous Orbitz ad online. The Orbitz ad isn’t just a simple ad, it lets customers play a game before offering a message. This way, the customer stays focused and informed when the game finishes and consumes the following message properly. Similar to it is an ad from The ad shows a short version of an exciting video that will make users click on it to view further. Once, the full video finishes, it displays more similar kind of videos to watch. A targeted website marketing campaign.

This is where’s interactive advertising comes into picture. Think about an ad banner for your company that will deliver results through intelligent interaction. Our designs uses sophisticated technologies to deliver the right advertising campaign for your business. Understanding your needs, your product or service and finally delivering the results.

Advertising Campaigns

Take your internet advertising to the next level. Hire the right company to take control of your advertising campaigns. We run advertising campaigns for your business on the internet with proven results.

  • Interactive advertising banner creation
  • Ad publishing on famous sites*
  • Targeted advertising based on product category and audience
  • Complete reports based on marketing value and ROI
  • We deliver results. Long lasting results.

* subject to marketing value