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SEO tips for your website
Written by CEO

So you've spent thousands of dollars in getting your site up and running. But if it is not designed and optimized for search engines, your ebusiness could be in serious jeopardy. Here is a small check list to look for when you are developing your website.

1. Make sure to enable 301 redirects for your site if you are going for re-design or re-development. This will help your site attain all the redirections if you change the urls anytime.
2. Always go for URL overwrites. Search engines love .htm or .html based URLs. Convert your PHP and ASP.Net pages to .htm so that search engines can easily read your content.
3. Customize URLs based on the content. If your site has a section on Mortgage News, make sure the URL of that section is This is the best way to tell search engines about the page.
4. Customize Titles based on the content. Again, you can also enable relevant titles for your pages. As for the above example, Mortgage News -Your Site Name - Microsoft Internet Explorer
5. Proper text formatting: Setting up right format for your content text will increase the page rank by a large factor. Include H1 and H2 tags for your headings.
6. Alt tags for your images will also help Google understand more about your site. You can keep nice graphics with relevant alt tags.
7. Free content flow. Try to keep your site content easy to read for search engines and your visitors. Avoid unnecessary logins to view content. Most of the time, free content can help you get the most out of your site.
8. Create Google, yahoo and MSN sitemaps for your site. There is no better way to let the search engine know about your site than sitemaps.

The above said are few of the many tips of search engine optimization of your site. Make sure to ask your web designer or developer to comply with search engine standards. provides exceptional SEO service for your website. We can help your site generate quality leads and targeted traffic with our unique ways of optimization. Make sure to contact us to learn more. Alternately, you can request for a quote too.

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